Domain Name Registration in Canada: The Best 5 Domain Name Registrars

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When it is time for a domain name registration which domain name registrar will you choose? Here are the best domain name registrars in Canada to consider!

If you have a brilliant idea for a new website, ecommerce store or blog, you will need a domain name to go with your new project. So, when it is time for a domain name registration, which domain name registrar will you choose? Who has the best features, the best prices, it is safe and reliable, and offers the best customer service.

Finding and choosing the best one, the one that can meet your needs, your budget, and your specifications is really important if you want to start right and make a certain progress in the future.

We have decided to help you out a little bit, by making our own research and determining the best domain name registrars in Canada. Here are the best 5 domain name registrars you should definitely give them a try:

  1. Hover – This may not be the cheapest domain name registrar on the market, however, they offer some great discounts sometimes and if you like their services, you can take advantage of these discounts and register your domain for a cheaper price. They are known for their great support which is great as you can count on their technical experts, any time of the day. When you call them, a real person will talk to you. They also offer a transfer “valet” service which is a place where they will do all of the work for you and will inform you when everything is done. You can visit their official website to discover more information about their domain registration plans and prices.
  • Namecheap – This is probably the most affordable domain registrars on the market, however, the domain names are probably the only cheap thing about them. They offer amazing customer support, advanced services such as SSL certificates and Dynamic DNS at competitive prices, and free services such as email and URL forwarding.
  • Gandi – One of the oldest domain name registrar on the market (when compared to the other domain name registrars on this list). They are popular for their simple approach, however, be careful as they will try to sell you a lot of services and features you don’t really need. They are committed to being open, honest, and up front with their clients. With Gandi, you will get a domain name registration with 2 free hosted pages, a free blog, 1-year certificate for free, and etc.
  • Dreamhost – Known as the best web hosting company, Dreamhost can also offer you high-quality domain name registration services. If you don’t have a web host service provider, this is your chance to get everything in one place. This company is known for its comprehensive dashboard, fast customer service, and up-to-date management tools.
  • – This is not the cheapest company on the market, however, they certainly have aggressive deals and pricing plans. Their customer support is fast, personable, and they are always here to help you out, in case a certain problem shows up. This domain name service provider also offers “Domain Nabber” service to help you find expired domains which are relevant to your website. They will help you get the domain name you want before anyone else grabs it. also offers domain name suggestions to you when you register the domain.
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  • San Francisco, CA 94129, EE. UU.

Now that you are familiar with the best domain name registrars, you can put them to a vote and pick the ultimate winner. Make the right choice!