As you start your journey online, you may face several obstacles. Some of these challenges are in deciding on the best web hosting option to take. Particularly, when your financials are going south determining the perfect route is not an ABCD task. But think about the issue this way, you want freedom. You need a revenue stream. And also, you desire a professional look. If so, go for the self-hosted option.

A self-hosted website is one where you have a say on what takes place in your web server. You have an opportunity to access all the files and do whatever you want with your site. Here are some of the reasons self-hosting is the best web hosting option:

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You own your site

Take it this way; you are operating a retail business in a rented room. As your business booms, you think of restructuring the house. Do you think it is possible? Unless it is among the rental terms, it will remain a thought. But if you owned the house, expanding, or altering the structure would be a one-time decision. The same case applies to web hosting. When you are operating on a non-self-hosted site, you must follow the laid down terms and conditions of use. For instance, some platforms offering you such services do not allow you to change your theme or layout. However, with this option (self-hosted) you can do anything you wish with your site as you own it.

An opportunity to monetize your site

In this era, there is no need of having an excellent site, yet it only costs you. No revenue generated from it. With the self-hosted option, you have a chance to work with other brands or bloggers as an affiliate marketer and earn a commission in return. Also, you can charge people seeking to post ads on your site.

Mainly, if your site has an authoritative position, you will receive partnership proposals from other businesses. This option may not be available for the free websites. So, if you need a website to work for you, self-hosted is the way to go.

You determine your site look and layout

Visual attributes of a website are a determiner of its traffic. With the free websites, you have limited opportunities to decide how your website looks. You can change your theme and layout any time you feel like. This way, you make your site to be unique and make it an attractive one.

 As you can see, self-hosted is a credible option for web hosting. So, it is worth it.