How many domain names do you recall? Do they have a connection with what they offer? Think of,, and; you name them. As you set up your website, one thing you have in mind is ensuring that your website address is easy to recall. When a customer or a visitor reaches out to your site, they do not have to bother much next time trying to recall what the name was.

As you know, memorability means more sales for a webpreneur and higher ranking for a blogger. Who hates being in the first position on the search engines? But wait, how do you come up with a memorable domain name? If you do not know here are the tips to achieve the objective:

Go for an optimal length

According to research, people always remember short URLs. Talk of,, and All these web addresses have one thing in common: they are short. Also, they use only one word. However, in the current era, obtaining a website name carrying one word is tricky. Most of them are already taken. So, if you need one, you only have one option: buying from the current owner. But as you may be aware, purchasing a domain name requires you to have enough cash

If you target authoritative domains. For this reason, you need to be creative. The main idea is to have a name that is short or of optimal length and that is memorable.

Consult a domain name generator

At a time, you may be out of ideas. Or else, you might be doubting your creativity. If you are in either of the situations, it is recommendable to consider a domain name generator. These platforms will help you to come up with different combinations of website names. As such, your task will be simple: to select the keywords and to choose the final URL. Hence, you should not struggle with brainstorming sessions. Visit domain name generators and come up with a unique and memorable name.

Avoid confusing phrases

One way to avoid confusing your audience is refraining from using similar names. For instance, you might come up with the domain name such as While this might be easy to recall, most of your visitors will find it hard to know whether it is or The issue may work against you mainly when your competitors are offering the same products as you. As such, always avoid confusing if you want a memorable domain name.