Are you seeking to save on your web hosting costs? As a small business entrepreneur or startup, high costs without an equal return is a great worry. You have to pay for marketing and branding activities, inventory, and other operational expenses. In such a situation, adding other costs for hosting your website can be a challenge. The fact about the hosting cost is that it is charged monthly. So, it can be an issue trying to balance your income and expenditures.

Nevertheless, modern digital driven era does not give a shoulder to any entrepreneur lacking an online presence. You must be reachable through the virtual platform if you want to succeed and be ahead of your competitors.  In assisting you to minimize your costs and be available online, here are the top three free web hosting providers in the USA:


Freehostia offers a free package with the name chocolate. In this package, you get 250MB disc space. The company also offers you 6GB bandwidth per month. Also, you get 1 MYSQL database. You can open 3 emails. Again, the service provider promises you of limited down times with 99.9 server uptime.

If you encounter any issue, you do not have to worry as their support is available 24/7.  Notably, you can upgrade anytime to their paid options such as Lovebeat, Wildhoney, or Supernatural. The upgrade process is also simple.


Maybe Freehostia does not serve your purpose due to its limited disc space and bandwidth. If so, you can turn to 000Webhost. This free web hosting provider ups the game by providing you with 100GB bandwidth and 1.5GB disc space. Also, you get two MYSQL databases. Besides, you do not have to worry if you have several departments and you need separate emails. The provider offers you an opportunity to operate 5 email accounts under this package. Also, the server uptime is 99% meaning rare downtime cases.

The above two options may not satisfy your needs. Say you want to upload more information beyond the 1.5GB and require a bandwidth of more than 100GB. Freehostia and 000Webhost may not be your best options in such a case. For this reason, you can approach This free web hosting provider offers you a bandwidth of 250GB and disc spaces of 10GB. So, you can enjoy uploading quality information and files as long as they are within the limits of the disc space.

In a word, fixed budgets should no longer be your online presence limiters. With free web hosting, you can realize this dream.

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